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Poppy – The Gentle One

Hi! Poppy is a beautiful 3 year old girl. Poppy was adopted when she was 5 months old and lived with a family for 20 months. It is unclear what occurred that created problems and the family returned her to the shelter. Her previous foster mom requested Poppy be placed with her again. Poppy was traumatized and needed time to overcome her anxiety. In time she learned to trust her foster mom and sought attention cuddling and became a purring machine! She loves people and wants to be close. She remains cautious around other pets and may do best being an only pet. She will need a pet parent that is patient and loving. In return, you will be rewarded by a gentle and loyal companion that will be a joy in your life.

Adoption procedure includes an adoption application and home visit.
$99 adoption fee applies and includes:
Neuter/ spay surgery
current on age-appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
FIV/ feline leukemia testing
any medical care needed to prepare for adoption
PetSmart adoption pack
oodles of kitty love ;-


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