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Baby Boy and Baby Girl “The Duo”

Baby Boy

He is the “bad boy” of the duo. He’s actually a good boy, but he likes to act tough by chasing down and attacking his play things. He always wants to play, except when he is sleeping. When he is feeling affectionate, he will try to rub heads with you. He will sometimes roll over so you can rub his belly like a dog and for some reason he is very intrigued by running water.

Baby Girl
She is the “sweetheart” of the duo. She likes to snuggle up against you and quickly starts purring when you pet her. She loves it when you scratch her neck. She tends to mind her own business, and spends most of her time just laying around with her eyes half shut. She’s usually very peaceful and tranquil, but she does have her frisky moments.

They are very curious and very friendly. You can always approach them, pet them, and pick them up. They don’t meow much and never once have they done their business outside a litter box. They’re good kids.

Their favorite toy is each other, just chasing, wrestling, and cuddling one another. But they go absolutely crazy for jingly balls and will come running from anywhere in the house when they hear one. They also enjoy staring out the window, helping you type on the keyboard, and greeting you when you come home.

Their adoption fee includes their alter surgery, age appropriate vaccinations, testing for feline leukemia and FIV (negative), microchip, and a cat care/ training DVD.


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