Saving At Risk Animals

A 501(c)3 cat rescue based in Tucson, AZ


wanda1 Wanda, Domestic Shorthair – Black

Wanda is a loving, lovable, lap cat, looking for a new family and a home of her own. When you walk by the couch she’ll hop right up, hoping to entice you to sit awhile. She is sweet, sleek, and clearly goes well with any décor (every home needs a little black cat). With her fabulous purrsonality she gets along with cats, dogs, and people – the purrrrfect companion cat!
Wanda has asthma – a common problem these days. Her asthma is well controlled with an inexpensive medication called prednisolone, which she takes daily. She currently takes it in pill form, but it’s also available in a form that can be applied to the skin of her inner ear if you’re nervous about giving a pill. But nerves aren’t necessary – she’s a sweetheart and her foster mom would be able to teach you what you need to know.

We think people with asthma deserve to be treated the same as everyone else – same for kitties; and this kitty deserves a loving forever family!

Adoption procedure includes an adoption application and home visit.
A $95 adoption fee applies and includes:
spay surgery
current on age-appropriate vaccinations
FIV/ feline leukemia testing
cat training/ behavior DVD
certificate for a free veterinary wellness exam
oodles of kitty love


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